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iHazard is a safety management system specifically designed for the mining Industry. It was created by Safety Software to meet the need for effective Hazard and Safety Management.

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iHazard Instructions

It provides

      • Real Time Data Capture

      • Real Time Compliance Reporting

      • Real Time Savings

The iHazard system provides several avenues to ensure Safety Compliance is a simple task.

It provides simple ways to

      • Report a Hazard

      • Carry out a Safety Check

      • Complete a Vehicle Check

As well as easy online reporting there are forms available for staff to download or print.
iHazard incorporates 3 easy ways to manage hazard reporting and prevention.

The first is an iPhone app which allows a convenient, portable way for users to quickly report hazards or conduct a vehicle and safety check.

The second is deployment of a kiosk in heavily traffic areas, this allows people to walk up and report a hazard or print forms.

The third is a website that staff can access through any internet connected computer or smart phone. This allows staff to report hazards conduct checks and use or view forms.

You can customise locations, emails, staff, supervisors, equipment, vehicles, P.P.E. and much more. This will instantly update all of your systems to ensure compliace with your current needs.
You can even configure an auto odometer report function on your vehicle checks so that an email notification will inform your fleet controller that the vehicle is due for a service.

iHazard also has an integrated app available FREE on the app store

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